April 15, 2021

Girl's star tribal tat on side and hip

Side tribal tat with star

The star added to this tribal tattoo makes the tat look more feminine than just a traditional tribal tat would have.

Girl’s star tribal tat on side and hip

The tribal tattoo in this photo is made up of two black lines which intertwine to form what looks like a figure eight or an infinity symbol. To the right and bottom of this image, this girl also has a star inked on her side, which is designed to look three-dimensional. The tattoo begins just below her right armpit and extends diagonally down her side to meet her right hip.

Although tribal tattoos are typically more popular among men, this girl’s side tribal tattoo makes her look pretty badass. Whether this tribal tat means something important to this girl, or if she just liked the way it looked, it’s definitely a good way to strike up a conversation with someone!