Dezember 5, 2023

Girl's body tribal tattoo on side

Black side tribal tattoo

This girl got a black tribal tattoo inked on her right side in the traditional tribal design that has become so popular.

Girl’s body tribal tattoo on side

This girl shows that tribal tattoos look just as good on girls as they do on guys. She has a long tribal tattoo inked in black on her side, extending from just below her right breast down to her right hip. Even though many traditional tribal tattoos look masculine because of their size and sharp edges, some girls just seem to be able to pull it off!

Traditional tribal tattoos like this girl’s side tat are becoming more and more popular these days. This ancient tattoo design dates back to early civilizations, in which tribal tats were used to depict social standing among tribe members. Although tribal tattoos aren’t exactly seen as a symbol of a guy or girl’s social status these days, the tattoo design definitely looks cool!