Juli 17, 2024

Maori tribal tattoo with crosses on face

Guy’s face tribal tattoo

You don’t see face tribal tattoos like this every day. This Maori-inspired face tat includes crosses and swirl designs.

Maori tribal tattoo with crosses on face

Maori tribal tattoos are a popular type of tattoo design because they are one of the most distinctive and interesting tattoos in the world. This guy’s face tattoo is a Maori-inspired design which includes a unique cross design up on his cheekbone and a series of swirls and criss-crossed lines on his jawbone and neck. This guy must really like face tattoos, because you can see a hint of several others in this tribal tattoo picture.

You really have to have guts to get such a large tat inked on your face, especially because face tattoos have GOT to be pretty painful. I certainly wouldn’t want a needle inking all those tiny lines and crosses on my face. This guys really seems to love tribal tattoos though (and large ear piercings), and he really rocks them pretty well.