März 26, 2023

Chest and shoulder maori sleeve tribal tattoo

Full sleeve maori tat

Maori-inspired tribal tats are usually pretty unique and make a big statement. This guy’s full arm sleeve certainly does!

Chest and shoulder maori sleeve tribal tattoo

Sneak a peek at all the shading on this guy’s chest and shoulder tribal tattoo…looks pretty painful! The tattoo inked on this guy’s left arm is inspired by the Maori people of New Zealand who used chisels to inscribe tattoos on people’s bodies instead of a needle and ink. As a result, Maori tribal tattoos end up feeling rough and raised, instead of smooth like regular tattoos.

This guy’s tribal arm and shoulder tattoo in particular is inked in black and white and reaches from the left side of his chest onto his shoulder and down his left arm to his wrist. The tribal tat uses a simple design including lines, arrows and filled in spaces to create a unique, attention-grabbing arm sleeve tattoo.