Dezember 5, 2023

Girls tiny black outline swallow tattoo

This swallow tattoo is small but very visible, since it is inked on the side of this girl’s neck, right near her jawline. The swallow in the neck tattoo is inked in black and white and the bird is depicted as just an outline, without being filled in with color. This makes the bird tattoo very simple, but also makes it look very graceful and elegant. The swallow tattoo obviously means a lot to the wearer, considering the fact that it would be very difficult to cover up. In the past, swallow tattoos were primarily inked as a symbol of travel, although there are a variety of different swallow tattoo meanings out there today. This makes swallows an extremely popular tattoo design, because their meaning can range from traveling or returning home to true love, loyalty or overcoming a difficult obstacle or hardship in life.

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