September 30, 2023

Bright blue swallow tattoo

One of the great things about swallow tattoos is that they can be inked in any number of ways depending on the interpretation of the wearer. The swallow in this bird tattoo, for instance, is inked in a bright blue color and is far more cartoonish than realistic. It appears to have been designed after the Swallow Tanager, which is a species of swallow found throughout South America. Although swallow tattoos have long been a nautical symbol used by sailors as a means of showing off their experience at sea, there are a variety of other swallow tattoo meanings that can apply to non-sailors too. For instance, common meanings of a swallow tattoo include returning home, traveling, true love and freedom. Most swallow tattoo meanings are positive, although the bird can also be used as a symbol of a vicious fighter or time spent in prison.

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