September 30, 2023

Bottom-showing black and orange swallow on guy’s leg

Swallow tattoos are pretty popular tattoo designs because of their simplicity and important meaning, but what makes each one unique is the image of the bird itself and the colors used in the tat. This guy’s bird tattoo on his leg is pretty simple and is inked primarily in black and white, with a little orange on the underside of the swallow’s neck. The swallow in the leg tattoo is realistic looking and the feather detail throughout is pretty impressive. Another unique part of this swallow tattoo is that the bird is viewed from below so you can see its stomach and feet, rather than from above or from the side, like many other bird tattoos featuring swallows. It’s obvious that the tattoo artist spent quite a bit of time on this ink, and the tat is pretty large, so the swallow tattoo meaning must be something important to the wearer.

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