Dezember 5, 2023

Blue star tattoo on side of waist

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Guy’s five-point star

The star tattoo on this guy’s waist is inked in blue and has an incomplete fifth point. The star tat is crudely designed.

Blue star tattoo on side of waist

This guy’s star tattoo is very unique because it is inked in bright blue, which is a relatively uncommon color for a tattoo, especially for men. The tattoo depicts a single star located on the guy’s left side, right around his waist. The last point of the five-point star isn’t connected all the way, and the star tattoo design was created in a very rudimentary manner.

There are several different meanings behind star tattoos for both men and women. For some people, star tattoos represent hope or a shooting star, meaning setting goals or aspirations. For others, stars can stand for beauty, enlightenment and knowledge. In some cases, men or women may get a star tattoo inked on their body as a way to remember a special point in their lives.

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