September 29, 2023

Purple nautical star tattoo on waist

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Tiny stars waist tattoo

Tiniest nautical star ever! This girl’s tat includes three stars, one of which is inked in the nautical star design.

Purple nautical star tattoo on waist

Right near her hip, this girl got three small stars inked in purple, blue and green. The largest star is designed to match the traditional nautical star that became popular with sailors more than a century ago. The other two stars are simple five-pointed stars, one of which is smaller than the other. Because this stars tattoo is small and discreet, it looks very feminine and pretty.

More than 100 years ago, if sailors were lost at sea, they navigated their way home using the north star. Because of this, nautical star tattoos became popular among sailors because they believed the tats represented protection and guidance. Since that time, star tats have become extremely popular among men and women, and have emerged as one of the most popular tattoo designs today.

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