April 15, 2021

Three light stars tattoo on upper back

image reblogged from http://www.tattoounet.tumblr.com

Three star outlines tat

Simple star tattoos like this girl’s back tat are pretty and seem like they probably mean something important to the wearer.

Three light stars tattoo on upper back

This girl’s unique and stylish back tattoo depicts three matching stars inked on her upper back. The stars are outlined in black ink and are not filled in, which gives them the appearance of being delicate and feminine. Since this girl chose to ink three uniform stars on her back, they probably symbolize something important to the girl.

Some star tattoos are chosen by men and women because they hold a deeper meaning besides just being attractive. For some, stars represent good luck, and for others star tattoos may have a deeper religious meaning. Even if this star tattoo doesn’t mean anything in particular, it’s still pretty!

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