September 29, 2023

Small stars tattoo on shoulder and back

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Multiple stars back tat

Back tattoos with multiple stars like this one are becoming more popular, especially because superstar Rihanna has one!

Small stars tattoo on shoulder and back

This girl’s star tattoo covers a large portion of her upper back, extending from her right shoulder across her back to end on her left shoulder blade. The back tat includes many small stars, some of which are filled in with black ink and some of which are just star outlines. Below the stars tattoo is a black floating balloon with a string hanging down the girl’s back.

Since pop sensation Rihanna had a string of stars inked on her back, more and more people have opted for star tattoos like this one. Even though this stars tattoo is rather large and reaches across her entire upper back, the fact that all the stars are tiny makes the back tat look very feminine and even simple.