Juli 18, 2024

Nautical star tattoo with wings

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Nautical star tat design

These two tattoo designs represent traditional nautical stars, both of which contain five wings within the design.

Nautical star tattoo with wings

Nautical star tattoo designs date back to a time when sailors used the North Star to guide them through the waters and home to safety. Since then, nautical star tattoos have become a popular tattoo design for men and women. These two tattoos represent traditional nautical stars, complete with five points and five wings forming a circle in the middle of the tattoo.

Even though this photo only shows star tattoo designs, these nautical stars would look great on both men and women. For men, star tattoos typically look good on the back, chest or arm. For women, star tats like the ones in this picture would look cute if they were smaller and inked on the foot, wrist, shoulder or chest.

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