September 29, 2023

Side of the body star tattoo for girls

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Sexy girl’s side star tat

This girl’s pose would probably make pretty much any tattoo look sexy. But her star tattoo is also pretty hot on its own.

Side of the body star tattoo for girls

The different stars in this girl’s side tattoo make this star tat especially interesting. She has seven five-pointed stars inked on her right side, extending from just below her right armpit all the way down to her hip. Although the stars range in size, they are all pretty large. Some of the stars in the side tat are simple black outlines of different sizes, and others are almost filled in all the way in black.

Side and back tattoos using multiple stars are pretty common tattoo designs for girls. Other popular places for girls to get tattoos are on the foot, wrist, hip and neck. Even though this girl’s star tattoo is pretty large and covers her entire right side, she could probably still cover it up pretty easily with some clothes. That makes the star tat not only cool, but versatile too!

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