September 29, 2023

Girl's full back star tattoo

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Black outline star trail

Talk about shooting stars tattoos! This girl’s full back tattoo includes dozens of different-sized stars outlined in black.

Girl’s full back star tattoo

This girl has a trail of black and white stars cascading down her back, from her left shoulder all the way to just above her butt. There are dozens of stars ranging in size from tiny specks of stars to larger stars, and the largest one is located on her left shoulder blade. A lot of the stars in this full back tattoo cross over her spine, which means the tat probably hurt like hell!

Shooting stars are cool tattoo designs because they can mean a variety of different things. For some girls, shooting stars represent success or wishes coming true, while other people get shooting star tattoos as a symbol of good luck. Some shooting star tattoos incorporate a trail of smaller stars or stardust, like this girl’s, which is a great way for a star tat to cover a large area but still remain subtle.

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