Juli 18, 2024

Couple's star tattoos on upper back

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Matching star tattoos

This man and woman have matching simple star tattoos on their upper backs, inked in black.

Couple’s star tattoos on upper back

What could be more adorable then a couple getting matching star tattoos on their backs? Not much. The girl in this photo has a tiny black star inked on her upper back, just between her shoulder blades, and her man has a much larger black star tat inked in the same spot. Posing in similar white underwear, this couple certainly isn’t afraid to be matchy-matchy.

Because star tattoos can have a variety of different meanings, it’s hard to tell what this couple’s matching star tattoos might signify. In some cases, star tattoos can represent a significant change in the wearer’s life, the desire to reach a particular goal, or even the birth of a new child. In this couple’s case, the latter could be the most realistic star tattoo meaning!

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