Dezember 5, 2023

Full back and side star tattoo

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Black stars back tat

The stars tattoo inked on this girl’s side looks similar to a number of other star tattoos for girls that have cropped up recently.

Full back and side star tattoo

It’s a pretty big deal for a girl to commit to a large stars tattoo like the one the girl in this photo has. This tat is inked in black and white on this girl’s side, reaching from her right shoulder all the way down her back to her right hip. The stars in this side tattoo are inked in varying sizes and designs. Some of the stars are simple star outlines or filled in with black, while others are more unique star designs.

It’s kind of amazing that girls choose to get such large star tattoos inked on their bodies. I’m not saying they look bad, but they definitely aren’t discreet. Although, I guess you wouldn’t really be able to see this girl’s full side tattoo unless she was wearing a bikini or halter top. So kudos to her for choosing an interesting star tattoo!

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