Mai 20, 2024

Star Wars full sleeve tattoo

Star wars full sleeve tattoo
Talk about a Star Wars fanatic. This full sleeve tattoo for men depicts numerous scenes from the movie and even includes a Star Wars tag inked in bright yellow on the inside of his wrist. This guy’s sleeve tattoo art incorporates really bold colors and includes such famous Star Wars characters as Yoda and Luke Skywalker in the tattoo design. The sleeve tattoo pattern is inked primarily in blue, green, yellow and red, and wraps all the way around his entire right arm to form a true full sleeve tattoo. The impressive tattoo stops at the top of his shoulder, where there is a scalloped design separating the tat from the rest of his shoulder. We are really hoping this guy doesn’t decide anytime soon that he no longer likes Star Wars, because that tattoo would make for an incredibly painful tattoo removal.

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