April 14, 2021

Traditional smoking skull tattoo with top hat

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Skull tat with cigarette

Creepy, traditional skull tattoo inked in green with the skull wearing a black top hat and smoking a cigarette.

Traditional smoking skull tattoo with top hat

When it comes to skull tattoos for men, this type of design seems to be one of the most popular. This man has a traditional skull image inked in green with a lit cigarette dangling between his teeth. There is a large, raggedly black top hat on the skull’s head, and there is gray smoke coiling up from the skull’s cigarette.

This skull tattoo is rather creepy, and could have any number of meanings depending on the wearer. In general, the meaning of a skull tattoo is death or decay, which seems to fit this skull tattoo design in a way. On the other hand, the skull appears to be living, since he is smoking a cigarette and wearing a top hat, so the meaning could be different.