April 14, 2021

Sugar skull tattoo with flames, roses & stars

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Creepy sugar skull tat

Intense black and white sugar skull tattoo design with red roses, flames, stars, a diamond and a sword  in the background.

Sugar skull tattoo with flames, roses & stars

Most Mexican “Day of the Dead” sugar skull tats are colorful, but this particular Mexican skull tattoo is inked in black and white, with the only other color used being red. The sugar skull tattoo is pretty creepy, and includes a variety of other components, including flames in the background, large red rose blossoms, and a large diamond protruding from the top of the skull. The sugar skull tat also features a large nautical star, a regular star, what looks like a halo over the skull’s head, and a knife or cleaver at the bottom.

According to Mexican tradition, sugar skulls are used as a representation of the “Day of the Dead,” a holiday in which the lives of those who have passed away are celebrated by the living. There are many different images used in this particular Mexican skull tattoo, which makes it very unique to the wearer. The halo above the skull’s head is appropriate, since the image is meant to symbolize a loved one lost.

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