September 30, 2023

Japanese skull tattoo sketch with snake and flowers

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Skull tattoo & snake idea

Skull tattoo drawing featuring flowers and a Japanese-style snake slithering through the skull and out its mouth.

Japanese skull tattoo sketch with snake and flowers

One of the great things about skull tattoos is that they come in a variety of designs, which makes them perfect tattoo ideas for men and girls alike. This particular skull tattoo sketch features a simple, traditional skull sitting atop flowers, with a pretty mean-looking Japanese-style snake protruding from the skull’s mouth.

Although skull tattoos typically stand for something negative like decay or death, the meaning of a skull tattoo can be altered simply by adding different elements into the tattoo design. This skull tattoo drawing incorporates flowers and a snake into the design, which could give it a very different meaning, depending on what the wearer wants it to symbolize.