Juli 18, 2024

Tree skull tattoo with snake and face

image reblogged from http://www.tattoounet.tumblr.com

Roots of tree skull tat

Skull tattoo featuring a skull as the roots of a large tree, with snakes wrapped around it and two eyes on the sides.

Tree skull tattoo with snakes and face

This skull tattoo for men is definitely unique. It includes an upside-down skull with nerves running through the brain that are designed to look like the roots of the tree growing out of the skull. The tree has two snakes wrapped around it in a symmetrical design and one eye on each side of the tree trunk. The eyes have red pupils and red drops coming from the eyes.

Designs incorporating a skull, tree and serpent are actually quite common, drawing inspiration from the biblical story of Eden. Serpents are an important symbol of immortality and knowledge, and are often depicted in images guarding the Tree in the Garden of Eden. The fact that this tree is growing out of a skull could symbolize life from death. This particular skull tattoo is inked on a man’s calf.

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