Oktober 18, 2021

Shoulder skull tattoo with dragon teeth and scales

image reblogged from http://www.tattoounet.tumblr.com

Dragon skull tat

Large skull tattoo sleeve on the arm and shoulder, with a skull formed out of dragon scales and sporting fierce teeth.

Shoulder skull tattoo with dragon teeth and scales

Check out this pretty fierce skull tattoo for men inked on the shoulder and arm. The skull tat features a mean-looking skull with sharpened fang-like teeth and dragon scales. The half-sleeve arm tattoo is pretty darn intricate, and the black and white colors make it look very intimidating.

The meaning of a skull tattoo is typically death, and skull tattoos for men are popular because they make a pretty mean tattoo design. Dragon tattoos, on the other hand, often symbolize power or strength, so a skull tattoo where the skull is made to look like a dragon is a great tattoo idea for men.