Juni 23, 2021

Men's mexican sugar skull tattoo on neck

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Sugar skull throat tat

Neck tattoo of a Mexican Day of the Dead sugar skull inked in green directly in the middle of a man’s throat.

Men’s mexican sugar skull tattoo on neck

This man has a collection of tattoos on his chest and neck, one of which is a grinning green skull inked right on his throat. The skull in the neck tat is designed after the celebratory Mexcan Day of the Dead sugar skull, although the design of the skull makes it look pretty evil. The skull in this neck tattoo for men is surrounded by leaves and there are words inked below the skull tattoo design as well.

Sugar skulls are an image commonly used in the Mexican holiday, Dia de la Muertos (the Day of the Dead), a day in which the lives of those who have passed away are celebrated by the ones they left behind. For this reason, sugar skulls are typically very colorful and usually include flower images in their design. This man’s sugar skull neck tattoo is pretty tame compared to most, since it’s inked in mostly green and black.