April 14, 2021

Hand skull tattoo with wings in web

image reblogged from http://www.tattoounet.tumblr.com

Skull & butterfly wings

Black and white skull tattoo inked on the hand with butterfly wings and a spider’s web behind the skull image.

Hand skull tattoo with wings in web

A very unique hand tattoo featuring a black and white skull with a full set of teeth. The skull has large butterfly wings on either side of its head, and there is a spider’s web inked behind the skull as well. The skull tattoo is inked on the left hand, and the tattoo design is very distinctive and interesting.

Because skull tattoos typically represent death and decay, many people choose to add a more positive element to skull tats – like a butterfly or flower – to lighten the tattoo meaning. Flowers represent life and butterflies can represent freedom, so a skull tattoo with butterfly wings makes a nice contrast between death and freedom. Spider web tats can mean the opposite of freedom though, so this hand tattoo has numerous contradictory meanings.

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