September 30, 2023

Grey & black skull tattoo on hand

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“Simplicity” skull tat

Large skull tattoo inked on the back of the hand in black and grey, with the word “Simplicity” inked along the side.

Grey & black skull tattoo on hand

We have the utmost respect for tattoos inked on the back of the hand, because they must hurt like hell with all those bones in there! This man got a large black and grey skull tat on his hand, with speckles of brown inked in the eyes and coming out of the mouth. This skull tattoo for men has a couple of swirly cut-outs in the skull image, and also includes the word “Simplicity,” along the side of the tat, with the i’s dotted with lightning bolts.

Hand tattoos are unique in their own right, but this man’s skull tattoo is definitely distinctive in its design as well. Skull tattoos are typically meant to represent death, and this man’s tat definitely evokes a creepy feeling. With the word “simplicity” incorporated into the design though, this hand tattoo meaning could be a reminder for the wearer to live his life simply because life is too short.