August 7, 2020

Musical skull tattoo for girls with headphones

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Girly music skull tat

Large leg tattoo featuring a girly skull with rainbow hair, surrounded by music notes and wearing pink headphones.

Musical skull tattoo for girls with headphones

This girl does NOT mess around. And she clearly loves music. She got a huge skull tattoo inked on her thigh with a headphone-wearing, rainbow-hairing, eyelash-sporting girly skull. The leg tattoo’s color scheme includes pink and purple hues, and there are large purple music notes surrounding the skull tattoo. One of the skull’s teeth is sparkling, which makes it look like a diamond tooth.

Most girls who love music get tiny, discreet music note or treble clef tattoos, like celebrities Selena Gomez and Rihanna. This girl however, is obviously anything but discreet, since she decided to get a gigantic rainbow-colored skull tattoo with eyelashes and wearing headphones inked on her upper thigh. We really hope this girl doesn’t fall out of love with music anytime soon!