April 14, 2021

Traditional black and white skull tattoo on forearm

image reblogged from http://www.tattoounet.tumblr.com

Large forearm skull tat

Big, creepy skull tattoo inked on the inside of this man’s forearm in a traditional black and white skull design.

Traditional black and white skull tattoo on forearm

A lot of people who get skull tattoos add more light-hearted images – like roses, flowers or even a cute pink bow – to the tat to make it less foreboding and to make the meaning more positive. This man, however, went the full-on creepy skull tattoo route and got a traditional skull inked on his left forearm in black and white. The arm tat is pretty large and intense.

The most common meaning of skull tattoos is death or decay, which is why so many people add flowers or another symbol of life as a contrast to the skull. With just the skull in this guy’s arm tattoo, there’s no arguing the meaning of the ink. You have to admit though, it does look pretty bad-ass.