Februar 26, 2021

Forearm sugar skull tattoo with roses and birds

image reblogged from http://www.tattoounet.tumblr.com

Skull tat & woman’s face

Very large sugar skull tattoo inked on a man’s forearms, with black birds, red roses and a woman wearing pearls.

Forearm sugar skull tattoo with roses and birds

This man’s sugar skull tattoo is very large and takes up the majority of his left and right forearms. On the right arm is a traditional Mexican skull tattoo modeled after the Mexican Dead of the Dead celebration, as well as red rose blossoms and a black bird in flight. On the left arm is a long-haired woman wearing pearls with red roses in her hair and a red gem around her neck.

The fresh skull tattoos on this man’s arms were probably pretty darn painful, given all the detail, but the tattoo design came out great. The tattoo image extends all the way from the man’s wrists to his elbows, and he was able to incorporate so many different designs in order to make the tattoo mean exactly what he wanted.

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