April 14, 2021

Mexican sugar skull tattoo on foot with flowers

image reblogged from http://www.tattoounet.tumblr.com

Girl’s mexican skull tat

Mexican sugar skull tattoo for girls on both feet with the phrase “Live, Love, Burn, Die” inked below the skulls.

Mexican sugar skull tattoo on foot with flowers

This girl has cute sugar skulls inked on the tops of her feet in the design of the Mexican Day of the Dead. The sugar skulls in the foot tattoo are pretty large and inked in blue hues with words written below them. On the right foot are the words “Live” and “Love,” and on the left foot are the words “Burn” and “Die.” The message in the sugar skull tattoo is true/a little depressing, but we think the tat is super cute and very well-done anyway!

“Live, Love, Burn, Die” is a popular phrase used by people to describe (in a nutshell) the process of life. First you live, then you fall in love, you burn with passion and desire for life, and then you die. These words are used in the lyrics of a song called “Lip Gloss and Black” by Atreyu. The last lines of the song are, “Every evening that I die / Live, love, burn and die.”

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