August 10, 2020

Crossbones skull tattoo with eagle and snake

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Back skull tat with eagle

Huge skull tattoo inked on a man’s lower back, featuring a large eagle and a snake wrapped around the skull’s crossbones.

Crossbones skull tattoo with eagle and snake

The large eagle in this skull tattoo is standing on top of a skull, and the snake is coiled around the bones that make up the skull and crossbones. The snake has mean-looking fangs and he is holding what looks like another bone in his tail. This intense skull tattoo is inked on the lower portion of this man’s back, extending all the way from side to side.

Both skulls and eagles are strong images to include in a tattoo, although they typically have very different meanings. Depending on the culture to which the wearer belongs, a skull tattoo depicting an eagle perched on top of the skull could mean anything from conquering death to freedom or living life to the fullest. Because there are so many different elements to this eagle and snake skull tattoo, the design could have any number of meanings depending on the wearer.