August 13, 2020

Dog and skull tattoo with tongue and top hat

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Skull tat with dog’s tongue

Creepy skull tattoo on the upper arm featuring a dog wearing a top hat and holding a birthday hat-wearing skull on his tongue.

Dog and skull tattoo with tongue and top hat

One of the strangest and most unique skull tattoos features a large brown cartoon dog wearing a tiny top hat and holding on his long tongue a small skull wearing a birthday hat. Both the dog and the skull appear to be sweating because they are afraid of something that we can’t see. Both the dog’s and the skull’s teeth are inked in yellow. The skull tat is inked on the upper part of a man’s right arm.

Most people who get dog tattoos do so because of a dog they actually owned and lost. It’s doubtful that anyone owned this cartoon dog though, so the reason for this skull tattoo featuring a dog is totally up in the air. The reason behind the skull’s birthday hat is also a mystery, but the award for the weirdest skull tattoo goes to this man, for sure.