September 22, 2017

Devil skull tattoo with heart and wings on back

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Death bat skull tattoo

Large skull tattoo for girls inked on the back, with a red heart, bat wings, red roses and devil’s horns on the skull.

Devil skull tattoo with heart and wings on back

This girl added a unique twist to her skull tattoo, incorporating a number of other elements in the design. The skull tattoo is inked on the upper part of her back, between her shoulder blades, and features a large heart with a skull sporting devil’s horns inside the heart. Coming out of the heart are two ragged bat wings, and one has some kind of symbol inked on it. The skull tattoo for girls also includes red roses inside the heart.

On their own, bat tattoos have a variety of possible meanings, including sex, fertility, happiness, death and good fortune, and bat wings are also commonly associated with demons or fallen angels. When bat wings are incorporated into a skull tattoo in which the skull has devil’s horns, the meaning of the tat could represent death or evil. A skull with bat wings – called a death bat – is also the logo of heavy metal bands “Overkill” and “Avenged Sevenfold.”