Juli 18, 2024

Traditional arm skull tattoo with dagger and rose

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Dagger, skull & rose tat

Traditional skull tattoo inked on the forearm with large red rose blossoms and a bloody dagger piercing the skull.

Traditional arm skull tattoo with dagger and rose

This man got a traditional skull tattoo inked on his arm, but decided to include a dagger and red roses in the design. The dagger is piercing through the top of the skull and is dripping blood, and there are two large red rose blossoms surrounding the skull. The dagger used in the skull tattoo design has an intricate gold handle, and the skull & rose tattoo is inked on the outside of this man’s forearm, ending just at his wrist.

Dagger and skull tattoos are actually very popular tattoo designs, and the combination of the two result in a tattoo meaning protection, death or bravery. When roses are included in a skull tattoo with a dagger, the wearer could be trying to soften up the design a little bit, or could be adding another layer to its meaning. Roses or flowers inked in a skull and dagger tattoo could symbolize strength or overcoming obstacles in life.

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