September 30, 2023

Pirate skull tattoo with gun and diamond on arm

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Skull tattoo with gun

Large skull tattoo on a man’s arm, designed like a pirate with a gun, an eye patch, and a big diamond on the patch.

Pirate skull tattoo with gun and diamond on arm

This man’s skull tattoo is pretty large and is designed in such a way that the skull looks like a pirate. The skull is green and is wearing a bandana-type cloth on its head, and he also has a patch over one eye with a large red diamond in the middle of it. The skull tattoo for men also includes a string of red beads around the skull’s neck and a large gun below the skull head.

There are a variety of different possible meanings of both skull tattoos and pirate tattoos, but many people decide to get skull and crossbones tats or pirate tats because they want to show that they live by their own rules. This type of skull tattoo design really makes the wearer look tough. Would you want to mess with someone who has a huge skull/pirate/gun tat on their arm? Us either.