Februar 26, 2021

Castle skull tattoo with lightning storm on arm

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Large castle skull tat

Large upper arm tattoo featuring a castle turret-shaped skull with storm clouds and bolt of lightning in the foreground.

Castle skull tattoo with lightning storm on arm

Skull tattoos are pretty common, but this guy’s arm tattoo is unique and distinctive in its design. The skull sleeve tattoo is designed to look like a tall gray castle turret with the face of a skull at the very bottom. The top of the skull tattoo includes dark storm clouds with sheets of rain falling behind the turret, and a bolt of lightening streaking across the front of the skull.

In general, castle tattoos symbolize protection, which makes sense since castle walls were built to remain intact in the event of an attack. Along the same vein then, castle tattoos can also mean fortitude and strength, and even though skull tattoos are typically thought of as symbols of death, they do often have a positive meaning. In many cases, skull tattoos are meant as symbols of the obstacles the wearer has overcome in life.