Mai 20, 2024

Sun and moon maori tattoo on back

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Man’s maori back tattoo

Black and white Maori tattoo on a man’s back in a sun and moon design. The intricate design is inked in black and white.

Sun and moon maori tattoo on back

Maori tattoos like this man’s black and white sun and moon tattoo are unique and interesting in design. This man’s Maori tattoo is inked on his upper back between his shoulder blades, and features the image of a moon located within a sun image. The back tattoo includes a traditional Maori design, with tribal-looking symbols and a near-symmetrical pattern.

As a cultural tradition, the meaning of Maori tattoos represents numerous core values of the New Zealand-based Maori people. Initially inked on the bodies of warriors, Maori tats were used instead of a written language. The patterns of Maori tats tell a particular story, and this man’s sun and moon back tattoo likely tells a story about his own life.