September 26, 2023

Japanese rib cage koi tattoo for men

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Full ribcage koi tattoo

This traditional Japanese koi tattoo on a mans ribcage w/ a carp & flowers covers the full length of the side his body.

Japanese rib cage koi tattoo for men

Koi fish are a great shape for rib cage tattoos because you can make them as long or short as you want without distorting the image. This koi tattoo runs from the guy’s underarm all the way to his hipbone. He has little flowers and waves next to and overlapping the carp with a large lotus flower above. Most of these Japanese style tattoos have vivid color and this black and white photo helps to show all the varying shades from light to dark that create the detail.

Koi fish signify luck in Japanese society and adding another powerful symbol, like a lotus flower for example, personalizes the meaning. This type of tattoo would be easy to connect to another one on the chest or back because there are so many different patterns, shapes, and colors to work with.