April 14, 2021

mens half sleeve color koi tattoo

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Half sleeve koi tattoo

 This koi half sleeve was done in black and white and shaded with a dark red border, giving it a masculine look.

Mens half sleeve color koi tattoo

This men’s koi tattoo is a half sleeve on his right arm of a fish done with black and white scales and red fins. The fish has a unique big yellow eye, which symbolizes optimism and happiness. There are accents of plants overlapping in dark green and a dark red border around the entire tattoo.

Koi tattoos are seen as good luck charms in Japanese culture for both men and women and can easily be made to look more gender specific with accents of either flowers or plants etc. Koi fish are also great for bigger tattoos because they can be drawn out long and vertical like this one, or curled up to take up a more horizontal area on the body.