April 14, 2021

Men's half sleeve carp koi tattoo

image reblogged from http://www.tattoounet.tumblr.com

Half sleeve koi tattoo

A carp and flowers color koi tattoo as a half sleeve looks awesome with the black spiral background and star shapes.

Men’s half sleeve carp koi tattoo

Adding hearts and stars are unique twists to this traditional Japanese style koi fish and flower tattoos. The carp is inked in reds, yellow, and white with pink, red, and white flowers. Usually people use waves as a background to cover the area but he has a black and grey spiral the swirls out from the center of his shoulder down to his elbow. He does have one splash of a blue wave in the middle but added unfilled stars and pink hearts around the rest of the fish.

This type of star generally means to reach for the stars and obtain a goal so adding them to a symbol of luck and fortune like the koi is a cool idea. The hearts and pink flowers give it a romantic look and lightens up the dark black spiral.

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