Juli 18, 2024

Men's sleeve koi tattoo of a black carp

image reblogged from http://www.tattoounet.tumblr.com

Black arm koi tattoo

Men’s full sleeve koi tattoo partially filled with a black and grey shaded background and has waves curling around.

Men’s sleeve koi tattoo of a black carp

Koi fish tattoos work well for a full sleeve because you can bend the tail around and make it as long as you need to reach the wrist. This image has a partially filled background in black at the top to frame the waves and dark shading along the carp’s body. The scales on the fish have a cool fan shape which would look good both filled or unfilled. The face has a lot of detail to it and would be easy to add a bit of color here.

The Japanese believe that koi fish bring good fortune and luck so the symbol is popular for tattoos. Adding a shape like a heart would symbolize being lucky in love or writing a name along side the carp would mean to bring that person good fortune.