April 14, 2021

Half sleeve koi tattoo outline with lotus

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Koi fish tattoo on arm

Finished or not, this man’s koi tat is pretty cool. Inked in black, the tat on this man’s arm features a koi and flowers.

Half sleeve koi tattoo outline with lotus

The large koi tat on this man’s arm is only an outline, but the detailing really makes the arm tattoo look intricate and interesting. Inked in black and white, the koi tattoo idea includes a large koi fish swimming in water and two flowers, one of which is a lotus flower. The koi tattoo is inked on the inside of this man’s arm and extends from his elbow down to his wrist.

Koi fish, Janapense for carp, are surrounded by a good deal of myth and mysticism in both Japanese and Chinese cultures. Because of their meaning, koi tattoos have become extremely popular tattoo ideas for men and girls alike. Also, because koi come in all different colors and sizes, koi tattoos are very versatile tattoo designs.