September 26, 2023

Half sleeve koi tattoo with fish for men

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Orange koi with lotus tat

This colorful koi tattoo features the bright orange fish swimming upstream in gray waters in this man’s half arm sleeve.

Half sleeve koi tattoo with fish for men

The tattoo inked on this man’s arm includes a large orange koi fish depicted swimming upstream in murky waters. The koi fish tattoo is inked in vibrant colors on the upper part of this man’s right arm. Although koi fish can be found in public ponds and fountains in many areas, the fish are so highly regarded in some cultures that some people actually specialize in their breeding and showing. Also included in the arm tattoo is a large pink and yellow lotus flower.

Koi fish tattoos are one of the most popular tattoos among Asian cultures because of the legends that surround the beautiful fish. Today, koi fish tattoos can be found inked on the bodies of all different kinds of people. According to ancient myth, koi fish are able to swim against the current and up waterfalls, illustrating their power and courage. Ever since, koi fish tattoos inked with water have been used as a symbol of perserverence and strength.