April 14, 2021

Girls hip koi tattoo outline

image reblogged from http://www.tattoounet.tumblr.com

Girls hip koi tattoo 

This girl’s tattoo is an outline of a large koi fish with water and flower accents done on her hip and upper thigh.

Girls hip koi tattoo outline

This is the beginning of a super detailed koi tattoo on this girl’s hip. The outlines of the fish, waves splashing, and flowers were done in navy blue and there is a swirl going through the tattoo outlined in red. This way she can fill in the navy lines with colors that will pop and accent them with the less bold swirls in reds or pinks. White could be used on the water and fins to create even more dimension.

The koi fish has a unique flower drawn into its scales that match an accent flower on her upper hip. She also has a little sun on the carp’s side fin and small heart shapes in the swirls that make this a cute tattoo for girls.