April 14, 2021

Carp fish koi tattoo on back with lotus

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Lotus and koi tattoo

The koi fish tat on this girl’s back and shoulder is inked in black and white with blue water and a purple lotus flower.

Carp fish koi tattoo on back with lotus

Koi fish depicted swimming upstream in koi tattoos are believed to represent individuals who are struggling with an issue, while fish swimming downstream symbolize a person overcoming an obstacle. This girl’s koi tattoo looks like it is swimming downstream, and is inked with a pink and purple lotus flower next to it.

Koi tattoos have a significant meaning in many cultures, and they have become popular tattoo designs for men and girls today. Legend has it that koi fish have the strength and perseverance to swim against the current, which makes the koi tattoo an important symbol of overcoming hardships in life.