April 15, 2021

Small ear koi tattoo in black

image reblogged from http://www.tattoounet.tumblr.com

Ear koi tattoo in black

Small Koi tattoo done in black, brown, and white on the cartilage of an ear. Has white on the fins and face for detail.

This is a little tiny koi tattoo inked on this guy’s ear. It is just the fish itself done in black and brown with white shading on the fins and face to show the detail. This is a perfect tattoo for an unusual spot like an ear because you can curve the tail down and around to the ear lobe without distorting the image.

The koi fish denotes good fortune in Japanese society so putting it on the ear signifies you will hear lucky and fortunate news. Black and white koi are called “Utsuri” or “print” in Japanese because the two colors look like ink markings on the koi’s body.