Mai 22, 2022

Carp and flower koi tattoo on back

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Koi & pretty flower

A dark tattoo like this one of a carp in orange and a bright pastel flower tucked in compliment each other really well.

Carp and flower koi tattoo on back

Koi fish tattoos are great images for larger tattoos. This girl’s back tattoo has awesome red and orange shading on the carp’s body with black and grey soft waves for the background. The dark colors are brightened up with a pretty flower in blues, white, yellow, and pink. Little green leaves make it even more colorful and match the eye of the fish.

The tail of the fish wraps around and follows the curve of her shoulder. By tucking the large flower into the underside of the fish, she made the tattoo cover her entire right side with just two images without it looking like it needs more accents.