Dezember 5, 2023

Small black celtic heart tattoo on wrist

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Celtic design heart tat

Ornate heart tattoos like this Celtic tat are very interesting. This wrist heart tattoo is inked in black and white.

Small black celtic heart tattoo on wrist

Small tattoos like this Celtic heart tat are especially cool because they are discreet and are only visible at certain times. The heart tattoo is lightly inked in black and white and is located on this person’s wrist. Celtic tattoos in general are extremely popular, and can come in designs that include Celtic knots, crosses, and other images. This particular Celtic heart tattoo is neat and probably has a deep personal meaning for the wearer.

Heart tattoos are the most common way to express love, passion and friendship in a permanent way. Getting a Celtic heart tattoo in particular is a great way for girls and men alike to symbolize the union of souls. These simple but beautiful heart tattoos are also commonly called love knot tattoos.