September 30, 2023

Black musical note heart tattoo on shoulder

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Cute musical note tattoo

The best thing about heart tattoos is the potential to make them your own. This girl included a music note in her tat.

Black musical note heart tattoo on shoulder

Simple heart tattoos like this girl’s are cute and classy and really say a lot about the wearer. This girl chose to incorporate a musical note into her heart tattoo, which must represent her love for music, and the left side of the heart actually forms a treble clef. The tattoo is relatively small and is inked in black on her left shoulder blade.

One of the most interesting and fun things about tattoos is that you can take a simple tattoo design and make it into an image that means something special to you. Since this girl clearly loves music, she cleverly created a heart tattoo design that expresses that idea. Because heart tattoos can be molded into something different for each wearer, almost every heart tattoo you see is unique.