September 29, 2023

Lower back heart tattoo with lock and wings

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Large heart tat with wings

This girl is really baring it all with a large lower back tattoo. The tat includes a heart with a keyhole and wings.

Lower back heart tattoo with lock and wings

Lower back tattoos are popular among women, especially when it comes to heart tattoos. This girl’s lower back tat is a very large image of a red heart padlock, with two white wings extending from the sides of the heart. The heart tat also includes a few yellow swirl designs, and is inked on her lower back, just above her butt.

Heart tattoos with wings can represent a number of different things, including love, freedom, angels and even a memorial to a loved one lost. We’re assuming this girl’s heart tattoo is supposed to symbolize love, since it very handily includes a keyhole in the front of it. We all know the phrase “key to my heart.” This girl chose to get this sentiment permanently inked in a lower back tattoo.