Juli 18, 2024

Small black heart tattoo outline on shoulder for girls

image reblogged from http://www.tattoounet.tumblr.com

Small shoulder heart tat

Girls love simple heart tattoos. This girl has a thin black heart outline inked in a visible spot on her right shoulder.

Small black heart tattoo outline on shoulder for girls

This girl stuck with the theory that less is more, even when it comes to heart tattoos. She opted for a small heart tat outline, which she had inked on her right shoulder. The shoulder tat is inked with a thin black line and could be easily covered up with a t-shirt if she wanted to. In this photo though, the girl is showing off her heart tattoo with a pretty revealing tank top.

Simple heart tattoos are great, especially for girls, because they get your point across without taking up half of your body. I wonder how many girls who get huge heart tats inked on their bodies regret it at some point down the line. Oh well, this girl’s shoulder tattoo is super sweet and will probably remain a favorite in the future!